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The Rhododendron Species Foundation & Botanical Garden is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the conservation, public display, and distribution of Rhododendron species. Home to one of the largest collections of species rhododendrons in the world, the garden displays over 700 of the more than 1,000 species found in the wilds of North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as the tropical regions of southeast Asia and northern Australia. Conservation has come to be a primary importance in recent years with the destruction of Rhododendron habitat in many areas of the world.

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R. campanulatum
R. campanulatum

Our 2013 SPRING Catalog

We provide the finest and largest selection of documented and verified as true-to-name clones of Rhododendron species in North America. Our ever-expanding collection of “companion plants” provides the opportunity to acquire an outstanding range of rare and hard to find treasures selected from around the world.


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The 2013 SPRING Catalog & order forms are now available! 

Hours:10am-4pm, closed Mondays.




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 Visit the garden now to see Rhododendron pemakoense in full bloom.  Hurry, the blooms don’t last long! 

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